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Blood Sisters by Jane Corry

Release Date-May 4th 2017
Genre-Mystery & Thriller
Kindle Edition-400 pages

Three little girls set off to school one sunny May morning.
Within an hour, one of them is dead.

Fifteen years later, Alison and Kitty are living separate lives. Kitty lives in a care home. She can’t speak, and she has no memory of the accident that put her here, or her life before it.

Art teacher Alison looks fine on the surface. But the surface is a lie. When a job in a prison comes up she decides to take it – this is her chance to finally make things right.

But someone is watching Kitty and Alison.
Someone who wants revenge for what happened that day.
And only another life will do

Blood SistersBlood Sisters by Jane Corry

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I Read Blood Sisters By Jane Corry in a few short hours.
No sleep at all for me as I couldn’t put the bloody thing down.
so After an awful accident years ago left Vanessa dead, Kitty with severe brain damage living in a home and Alison Introverted and shouldering a heap load of guilt.
The whole trauma is about to be unearthed again for Kitty, Ali and their mother
Many years after the tragic circumstances that left Alison’s sister brain damaged and her best friend dead, Alison is trying to move on with her life she has shelved her university plans and is now an artist working at a local college.
Upon spotting an add for a resident artist at a nearby open prison, Alison needing the money applies and surprisingly gets the position.
But then someone starts sending Alison threatening notes saying she will pay.
What is she keeping hidden from that terrible day?
Now what I really loved about this story was the way it jumped from sister to sister while also giving us flashes into the past of the lead-up to what occurred the morning of the accident.
We are first with Alison, Then kitty then back again and even as Kitty resides in the day home with brain damage we see how surprisingly lucid some of her thoughts are, How frustrated she is with the people around her, though she can’t remember the past properly and has only flashbacks she struggles to remember more and get her thoughts across.
It gives a whole new perspective into how we interact with disabled individuals, making us think what it would be like to be treated like a child. how frustrating this must be.
Now I don’t want to give too much away with Blood Sisters, so all I’m going to say is when you think you know something do not be surprised when its turned on its head. This story takes that many turns with the truth of what happened my head was spinning but in a really good way.
Blood Sisters is an excellent easy read that will keep you guessing until the end, I highly recommend it.
Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a free advance reader copy of this novel. This is my own unbiased opinion of Blood Sisters by Jane Corry.

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