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Beware the Cuckoo: Two women, one man, and a buried secret…. by Julie Newman

Release Date-May 18th 2017
Publisher-Urbane Publications
Genre-Contemporary fiction
Kindle Edition-320 pages

They were reunited at his funeral, school friends with a shared past. A past that is anything but straightforward. A past that harbours secrets and untruths.

Karen has a seemingly perfect life. An adoring husband, two wonderful children and a beautiful home. She has all she has ever wanted, living the dream. She also has a secret.

Sandra’s once perfect life is rapidly unravelling. The man who meant everything to her had a dark side and her business is failing. To get her life back on track she needs to reclaim what is rightfully hers. She knows the secret.

As the past meets the present, truths are revealed – and both women understand the true cost of betrayal.

Beware the Cuckoo: Two women, one man, and a buried secret....Beware the Cuckoo: Two women, one man, and a buried secret…. by Julie Newman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a very unexpected read, It was totally different to what I expected it to be, not actually in an awful way just very unanticipated.
I will start my review with a warning, this book described the grooming and exploitation of a young teenager so if you find the subject matter tackled in this story distressing best to give a wide berth.
So where to start well I loved the title “Beware the cuckoo” and I totally got the insinuation from Sandra’s point of view of Karen being an interloper, the cuckoo in the nest who in her view has always wanted her life and dad.
Nothing could be further from the truth and it just shows the wrongness and lack of morality That Sandra has been raised with that even when the truth about her father is finally revealed to her she still sees Karen, not as a victim but as a cuckoo and her dad Bill as the injured party taken advantage off.
Nearly from the start we the reader are aware of the secret and what Karen has endured. The way she has been manipulated to believe her young self in love with a much older man, a predator.
We are taken through past events through a variety of eyes, even Bill himself, then returned back to the present time where our story continues.
As events unfold we learn all there is to know of these awful occurrences.
Now for the main characters involved well the three girls for starters, they are hardly the BFF’S you would want for life Sandra selfish and spoilt, Yvonne well in my opinion she seemed very fickle in her friendship, bouncing from Karen to Sandra and then back again. and then there’s Karen herself she really needed to get a backbone with her friends and say what she thinks.
Well, let’s just say the term frenemies comes to mind.
Bill, well that one is self-explanatory.
Then there’s The husband, without giving away any spoilers I am not a fan of the condescending hypocritical douchebag I will just leave it there.
As you can see I got personally invested in Beware the cuckoo, hence the irritation with certain individuals, this only happens with me when I feel a connection.
So as I was saying Loved the title, the book cover is also fabulous and I book- bonded to the point I was muttering under my breath.
This Tale also kept my interest and I found the storyline easy to follow, overall this was an enjoyable addicting read.
Thank you to the Publisher and NetGalley for providing me with an advanced reader copy of Beware The cuckoo By Julie Newman.
This is my own personal opinion.

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