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Angel by C.A. Bell

Release Date- June 14th 2017
Genre-Erotic Romance
Kindle Edition-211 pages

What lies behind the door to Chateau Rouge is all that Angel knows – sex, drugs, abuse, and treachery. But when Felix, an artist from England, enters into her tiny world, he opens her eyes to what life could really be, and now, Angel wants out. There’s just one problem. There’s no way on earth the owner, Grand Papa, will ever let her leave Chateau Rouge. She is his. His possession. His whore. His Angel.

Angel has a choice to make. Does she finally stand up to the man who has taken so much from her? Or does she give up true love through fear of what lies outside the walls of Chateau Rouge – freedom.

AngelAngel by C.A. Bell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Arc Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm


So This was my first time reading C.A Bells Work and I was definitely not dissapointed.
Angel is a Whore working for Papa It’s all she’s ever known after escaping her abusive father back in England.
Angel initially believes that Papa has saved her. It’s only later she comes to the realisation that he is using her and the other girls, and far from being a family she has become a virtual prisoner locked metaphorically behind the doors of Chateau Rouge and being used totally at the whims of the males around her.
Angel Is gritty and graphic but also has the strength and resilience of courageous and resourceful woman. Angel and her fellow whores show true determination and bravery against what is primarily a soul-destroying situation for them.
Even Simone, until Papa broke her tried to overcome her circumstances in life, in my opinion, it was the fickleness and disloyalty of her lover that finally destroyed her spirit, the heroin was just a mechanism to escape her wretched reality.
I adored seeing Angel actually feel something real for a man and Felix was really a real sweetie, such a difference to the sort of treatment Angel has received previously from men and I didn’t blame him for being suspicious of Angels Motives at all.
To me, Angel is a story that speaks more of the resilience of a woman than an epic romance and how said girl is able to overcome and separate herself from her previous persona.
Becoming Emma for Felix.
Angel was well written and easy to read and I enjoyed this story immensely.
Thank you to the author C.A. Bell for providing me with an Arc of Angel, this is my own personal opinion of this book.


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