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Absorbing White (The White Trilogy #3) by Charlotte E. Hart

Release Date-November 15th 2015
Genre-BDSM Erotic Romance.
Kindle Edition-467 pages

Taken, scared and lost in a world of conflicted feelings, can Elizabeth Scott cope with the man she loves? Can she still hold on to the unending belief that Alexander White is a good man and see through the games?
And when the past finally starts to catch up with them, when a new foe enters the fold with devastating effects, will Alexander White be able to contain the emotions involved? Or will he succumb to his base instincts and risk it all?
Lies, deceit and manipulation carry on in the world of business, but only truth remains in the matters of love. It’s time to face the facts and maybe find a way forward. If there is one.
Will they all make it through together?
Will they all make it through alive?

18 + this book contains violence

Absorbing White (The White Trilogy, #3)Absorbing White by Charlotte E. Hart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Stars

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So Absorbing White starts off where Feeling White leaves us and right from the start we are thrown straight into the thick and are left to flounder scratching our heads in confusion, What the hell is going on?
I felt like I had been plunged into an episode of the twilight zone and hadn’t been given a script.
Such is the brilliance of this series, never having a clue where the tale will take us next, you think you know where your heading then out of the blue

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Everythings topsy turvy.
just as Alex excels with his head games so does our wordsmith Miss Hart and this makes for never a dull moment in our saga, constantly keeping us on our toes and chasing our tails.
So Absorbing white gives us a much deeper insight and finally brings Pascal centre stage, which he so deserves with his theatrical persona and sexy stick and we finally get to really scrape beneath the pretence, outing and revealing things that were hidden.
I also found myself much less comfortable with certain things in this book, it really stretched my boundaries and I found myself questioning my concepts of what is normal and who gets to decide these things.
This is a so much darker read than previous books which I wasn’t expecting at all, but contrary to this fact, I really enjoyed absorbing White, my only gripe would be the ending.
I felt the finale was a bit unresolved, maybe, I’m hoping there possibly might be a book four on the horizon fingers crossed from me.
So in conclusion really enjoyable read that stretched my boundaries and really kept me guessing.
Oh, and sister Belle was back in major BITCH MODE!!!

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Knew it was too good to last, Beth? just disown the bossy cow

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just thought i’d mention it lol so do enjoy all that is White.
I know I did.

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