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Breeder (Breeder #1) by Cara Bristol

Release Date-June 19th 2017
Publisher-Loose Id
Genre-Sci-Fi ERotic Romance
Kindle Edition-283 pages

She was only meant to be the Alpha Commander’s slave…but she became his everything.
High Commander Dak, a ruling Alpha of planet Parseon, purchases Omra strictly as a breeder slave. He intends to impregnate her, produce a son, and hand her off to his anointed beta partner, Corren. Any infractions of the rules by her will be harshly punished.

But as Dak and Omra discover a sexual bliss banned by law, Dak begins to question the traditions and ways of his people, causing him to jeopardize his command and endanger the life of the woman he has come to love.

Dak has enemies, men who will not hesitate to exploit his fondness for Omra, and use it to portray him as unfit to rule as Alpha. Can he expose the rampant cruelty and corruption in Parseon culture… or will the protocol he’s spent his life defending, be the weapon used to destroy them and their love?

BreederBreeder by Cara Bristol

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Well, Well, Well.
Every so often a little gem you were so not expecting to rate much surprises you with its unique perspective and vivid world building.
Breeder by Cara Bristol is one such little nugget, a story that once started is so strangely addictive that even with its surreal surroundings it just has to be finished.
So a bit of background Breeder is set in a male dominated world.
The males are split down the middle into two camps Alphas & Betas.
Alphas are top of the food chain, with all the advantages this title holds, they get all the best jobs and basically are top dog in all things.
So Alphas marry betas who in a way are like the wife and are subservient to their alpha husbands.
Alphas can beat, punish and well basically totally dominate their betas.
In my opinion being a beta is a pretty shit deal only a few steps up from a female breeder.
Now the lowly female of this delightful planet are kept in containment facilities waiting for when the alphas on the planet Parseon are ready to produce the next generation of Alphas, Betas & Breeders.
So are you following along so far?


The woman on this planet are so low in importance that the livestock has more value than these poor females.
So the story goes that Commander Dak, one of the main ruling alphas on the planet is ready to procreate so he purchases Omra a breeder slave to impregnate and then hand over to his beta husband.
Only Alphas are allowed to breed and the breeder can still be used at alphas discretion by other alphas and their beta partners, but traditional breeding is only an alphas right.
So some observations about our commander & Omra.
Dak was so blatantly hetro, his suspected struggle with his low sex drive was just an attraction to the wrong gender, basically, he just liked girls not guys

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From the moment Dak encounters Omra, even in her dirty bedraggled state he feels an intense connection and protective instinct towards her.
I felt he was actually being very sweet and caring while still trying to follow protocol.
His struggle to balance his feelings with his ability to lead was fascinating to watch.
and When Dak, loses it with his beta for his appalling treatment of his omra, I was so applauding from the sidelines.

 photo tenor.gif

I really Don’t think Dak or Omra were expecting to feel so emotionally attached to each other

“He grabbed her head in his hands and crushed her lips under his mouth, plundered with his tongue, wetness dampened her face and she realised with a shock the tears didn’t only originate from her, Alpha was crying”

I loved also the fact that omra though very submissive in her nature also portrayed a quiet strength and dignity that shone like a beacon from her, She is easily pleased and it takes very little to satisfy and keep her content and happy.
And now just when your grounded let’s add to the mix a little bit of corporal punishment.
Oh, I do love a spot of spanking.
So Dak had an implement of some sort, can’t remember its name, but it sounded bloody unpleasant and painful in nature.
really Not a titillating escapade here, but a real chastisement Ouch!!!!!

 photo _35.jpg

Throughout this storyI found there was an underlying vein of humour that made me quietly smile.

” I can walk, she protested, wiggling her feet “not tonight he said. she felt light and fragile in his arms, a delicate injured bird, “Although if you would like, I could sling you over my shoulder like a sack of tubers”

Another little gem that had me chuckling to myself was

“Monto” he said ” The pleasure was so intense, I feared it might kill me” she sprang up with alarm, ” coupling can cause death?”

Now that one made me spit out my coffee.

 photo elissaspitting_1.gif

So There we have it a breakdown of all that is Breeder.
In conclusion, this was an amazingly imaginative piece of writing, a very enjoyable read that was a lot more than the bit of slap and tickle that I was kind of initially expecting, a very
thought-provoking piece of fiction.
Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with free readers copy of Breeder By Cara Bristol, this is my own personal opinion.

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