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Highland Barbarian (Murray Family #13) by Hannah Howell

Release Date-December 1st 2006
Genre-Historical Romance
Kindle Edition-352 pages

Sir Artan Murray was right when he decided that the dying old man who bid him collect his niece didn’t know her at all. The furious woman facing him is neither “sweet” nor “biddable.” She demands the brawny Highlander return her to the wedding party from which he took her. But Artan has no intention of allowing so spirited and bewitching a creature to endure a loveless marriage to a ruthless lord for her clan’s sake. He aims to woo the lass and to show her that true love also yields unforgettable pleasure…

Cecily Donaldson knows a bond forged by danger and desperation cannot endure. But Artan’s touch leaves her breathless, and she knows this to be her one chance to experience true passion before an arranged marriage seals her fate. Yet once begun, passion cannot be denied…nor can a love with the promise to change everything…

Highland Barbarian (Murray Family, #13)Highland Barbarian by Hannah Howell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Now I have always been a huge mega fan of Hannah Howells Writings, so I was mega excited to be getting started on Highland Barbarian, I mean what’s not to love it’s got everything History, a brawny hot highlander with a sexy accent, a feisty heroine. on starting I realised this was a re-release that I had read a few years back. You would think this would detract from the experience, but it didn’t, I was still really pleased to be getting a chance to re-read this marvellous story set in the highlands of Scotland in the year 1480.
Now a brief summary of this tale. We have Artan Murray Big brawny handsome highlander of the sexy brogue sent to collect the sweet biddable niece of his supposedly dying mentor from the lowLands, he is also distantly related to the man, in return, if he likes the lass a marriage between her and Artan will be arranged so the lairdship can be passed on to Cecily’s husband.
Cecily is not the sweet biddable lass she tries to display and there is mischief afoot an arranged marriage and hideous relations with vile intentions.
so Artan decided to steal Cecily away from the danger and marry her himself, let the wooing begin.
I Loved Loved Loved Highland Barbarian every time Artan says Sile mine in his delightful brogue I melted, this was a sweet happy read that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside,
Things I liked about this book, there are loads, I so digged the Scottish lilt to the words it really transported me into the heart of the highlands.
I also adored the lack of major drama to Artan and Cecily’s relationship and how he was so enamoured of his Sile from the start. Highland Barbarian is a very authentic read that makes you feel like you are living it.
stuff I disliked, well there really wasn’t that much, if I had to nitpick then I really would have liked a bit more closure on the fate of Cecily’s relations, I would have loved to experience their comeuppance that would have been ever so satisfying.
So, in conclusion, this is an absorbing historical romance that really does immerse you in the rich Scottish culture of the time and was a delightfully rich read.
I received an e-copy of this novel free from NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.

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