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Doll House by John Hunt

Release Date-January 25th 2017
Publisher-Black Rose Writing
Kindle Edition-225 pages

Olivia is excited for university. She will be on her own, in a new place hopeful to meet new friends.

On the night she moves in, she is taken off the street by two masked men. She is placed in a room which is little more than a cell. A pink cell. A room made for a doll. She is now part of their collection.

Doll HouseDoll House by John Hunt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OMG, This book, can I just start by saying Doll House was an intense read, you will need a strong stomach to get through the earlier chapters, so be aware you are reading a HORROR!!! book and if this is not your thing well you have been warned.
That being said I do love this genre and I am a sucker for the blood and gore and psychological warfare that comes with these type of stories (much to the other half’s dismay when I make him sit through the latest horror flick) I loved Doll House. From the opening innocent lines that could be from any YA novel of bunnies and rainbows and that first magical day at university, where Olivia’s dad & uncle leave her to take her first tentative steps into the world of adult responsibility and then BAM!!!!

We are plunged into another story one of such extremes and the most awful god awful depravities, snatched off the street, Olivia’s world has imploded and her whole existence now revolves around the whims of her two heinous kidnappers the Jackel and the Gorilla.

Raped and subjected to the most extreme torture which involves lobbed off body parts, you would think that this is the point of this tale, but it’s not. Dolls house shows us what happens when the unthinkable occurs, how the human psyche can still endure after five years of captivity, the reserves of spirit needed to escape and also rescue others along the way just WOW and this is where our tale really begins Olivia now free from her pink prison hopes her nightmare is over but it is truly only just beginning.

Yes Doll House is graphic and extreme but honestly, this is what originally attracted me to this, The rape in this is only implied and we do not experience it happening so though we know it’s occurred it truly makes it a lot easier to read about, I would have found graphic rape scenes harder to stomach than the removing of body parts, this was YUCK but was a much easier pill to swallow in my opinion .

so in conclusion, very gripping graphic writing that pulled me in, kept my interest, and I read in a very short time, downsides for me were very few, I felt the ending was a bit disjointed with not enough closure and I did kind of guess who the bad guy was, but this was right near the end and so didn’t take away from my enjoyment a tall.
I received a free e-copy of this e-book from NetGalley for a review and this is my own honest opinion.

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